Big Sugar will be heading to Sun Peaks Resort in Kamloops, British Columbia on June 30th

Free outdoor Canada Day weekend show. #bigsugar #CanadaDay

February 1, 2018
My pedal board on the session and a shot of my assistant engineer.
January 30, 2018
Our good friend Joe Satriani w Phil Collen and John Petrucci shredding some Deep Purple tonight at ACL Live Moody Theater in Austin Texas

Our good friend Joe Satriani w Phil Collen and John Petrucci shredding some Deep Purple tonight at ACL Live Moody

January 28, 2018
My tower of power. The Universal Audio Apollo rig is slamming!

Recording is going great in the SoundShack and this gear is such a pleasure to use. Can’t wait for y’all

January 26, 2018
Isn’t it wonderful to have old friends?

Especially when they send you pictures of your twenty year old ginger headed self playing a Fender Bass through a

January 24, 2018
Gordie and Alex gave a presentation to all the third graders at Walnut Springs Elementary today!

Calling All The Youth!!

January 23, 2018
Steel Pulse is hot on the box tonight!

I saw them several times in the 1980s. That’s really the start of my fanatical love of Reggae. Sorry to

January 19, 2018
This is a super trippy live Santana record from 1973.

Carlos at his most ripping. At times it sounds like early 1970s Miles Davis + a ton of space echo.

January 19, 2018
Some listening for today.

January 18, 2018
Just gonna geek out a little about studio gear.

This is my Fairchild Reverbertron II model 659 Spring Reverb. Sounds like your record fell down a well. Great for

January 17, 2018
Every recording studio should have cats hanging around.

Cecil is wondering, “what’s taking so bloody long with the new Shugs record?”

January 9, 2018
Happy New Year! The first “Just Because Gibson Guitars” photo of the year is a weird one.

A super cheap Maestro, kid sized Flying V. I had Tom Oatley here in Austin cut the nut and bridge

January 2, 2018
Here is another of my custom color Herzogs.

“Jamaica” resplendent in Black, Gold and Green! Fattest tone from Manitoba to Montego Bay.

December 27, 2017
Don’t laugh. What’s your guilty pleasure rock record? KISS Alive
December 21, 2017
Rey Arteaga tracking some new @big sugar. A great new addition to the sound.

Rey Arteaga tracking some new @big sugar. A great new addition to the sound. Posted by Big Sugar on Wednesday,

December 20, 2017
From the glory days of double gatefold vinyl when the artwork really counted!

Who can tell me the progrock masterpiece this came with?

December 15, 2017
Spinning some classic hard dub on the turntable this morning to tune up my ears for a day in the studio.

If you don’t know King Tubby you NEED to know!

December 14, 2017
GJ outside the SoundShack working on new Big Sugar Music.

The snow is all gone.

December 13, 2017
I just received this beautiful custom Garnet Herzog from Pete Thiessen and good people at Garnet Amplification.

“Ethiopia” has been added to our extensive arsenal of Herzogs. I think the color scheme will fit right in! G

December 10, 2017
Ok, all the Canadians on here, start laughing one at a time.

We got snowed on in TX last night. Unbelievably this much snow caused school shut downs, highway closures, near societal

December 8, 2017