Big Sugar at Iceberg Ally for the Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Fest!

St.John’s NFLD Sept 23rd #GetYourTicketsNow #BigSugar #IcebergAlly #WIZB

September 17, 2017
Big Sugar coming to Truro, Nova Scotia Civic Square Sept 22

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador Sept 23! It’s been a long time. Y’all asked, so the Johnsons are making it

September 16, 2017
Here’s how you get your tickets to Big Sugar’s next show Truro, Nova Scotia

#BigSugar #TruroNS

September 15, 2017
Big Sugar in Sarnia

Big Sugar is coming to Sarnia, ON on November 23 at the Station Music Hall. You can grab tickets at

September 15, 2017
Big Sugar
Some big shows coming up on the East Coast of Canada

Get your tickets now NS & NFLD #EastCoast #BigSugar

September 13, 2017
Here is a great video of our Vancouver, British Columbia encore.

Thanks Emil! Thanks The Commodore Ballroom!

September 13, 2017
The great Rey Arteaga of Big Sugar

Playing Tinhorn Creek Winery. No, literally playing the Winery! #Sonynoson #tinhorncreekwinery #bigsugar #reyarteaga

September 12, 2017
Big Sugar heading to the East Coast soon!

Get your tickets Truro NS

September 11, 2017
Great gig at Tinhorn Creek Vineyards!

You know it got good when your drummers end up in matching bathrobes.

September 10, 2017
Thank you Vancouver!

Another epic night at the Commodore.

September 9, 2017
Shugs in Vancouver w Corey Price at Roundhouse Radio, taking a knee!
September 8, 2017
Friday night Vancouver!

Big Sugar at the Commodore Ballroom, see you there #BigSugar #VanCity #CommodoreBallroom

September 5, 2017
It’s been about a while since had a “just because Gibson guitars” moment

Here is one the most storied and loved guitars in the entire arsenal. My 1969 ES 335. Tobacco Hand! Heard

September 4, 2017
Grand Finale SEPTEMBER Concert

Big Sugar at Tin Horn Creek Saturday September 9th #Tinhorn #BigSugar #GrandFinale

September 2, 2017
Did you know you can track Big Sugar?

Find out all their upcoming shows here #BigSugar #TourTracking

August 31, 2017
We are set to Rock The Hub!

At the Truro Civic Square on Sept. 22.

August 30, 2017
Big Sugar is back in Canada Sept 8th

Don’t miss them Vancouver! #BC #Vancouver #BigSugar

August 29, 2017
One thing about being rained out and shut in…

we have had a ton of rehearsal for the Commodore Ballroom show! Expect lots of new jams! Space Rock Reggae

August 28, 2017
Show tonight Cancelled

Due to intense weather, the show tonight has been canceled. We will update you soon!

August 27, 2017
Big Sugar
Tickets are ON SALE NOW!

Don’t miss Big Sugar LIVE at Maxwell’s Concerts & Events Nov 25th #GetYourTicketsNow #BigSugar #MCE Maxwell’s Concerts and Events

August 25, 2017