Brothers & Sisters, Êtes Vous Ready

Big Sugar “ Brothers & Sisters, Êtes Vous Ready? Universal Music – 4400140492
Copyright: 2001 Canada

Brothers and Sisters, Êtes Vous Ready? contains French language versions of songs from their concurrently-released album Brothers and Sisters, Are You Ready?, along with 4 songs found only on the French release – “La Bombe”, “Busté”, “Harmonie” and “À nu (Pom Pom)”.

Track listing

  1. “Le Vainqueur”
  2. “Nashville Grass (For Woody)”
  3. “Elle est passée”
  4. “Tina Gasolina (Elle est tout çà)”
  5. “(Loin d’être) Over”
  6. “La Bombe”
  7. “Bump on the Head”
  8. “Lost and Found”
  9. “Busté”
  10. “Harmonie”
  11. “L’Oiseau reggae”
  12. “À nu (Pom Pom)”
  13. “O Canada”

The album was also released in an international version which did not include the band’s rendition of “O Canada”.