Big Sugar – Hemi-Vision
A&M – 314 540 600 2
Copyright: 1996 Canada

Notes: Gordie, Kelly, Garry and Paul Brennan on drums with guests Al Cross, Matt DeMatteo, Raffa and Ashley MacIssac. Dub mixes by AlKaline.

Released 1996 – A&M Records
Produced by Gordie Johnson
Diggin’ a Hole (G. Johnson, A. Curran, D. Gallagher)
Gone for Good (G. Johnson, P. Ballantyne)
If I Had My Way (G. Johnson, P. Ballantyne)
Skull Ring (G. Johnson, A. Whiteman)
Joe Louis / Judgement Day (G. Johnson)
Tommy Johnson (G. Johnson, D. Wall)
La Stralla (G. Johnson, A. Whiteman)
Tired All The Time (G. Johnson, K. Hoppe)
Empty Head (G. Johnson, P. Ballantyne)
Opem Up Baby (G. Johnson, D. Gallagher)
Rolling Pin (G. Johnson)
Tobacco Hand (G. Johnson)

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