It’s been about a while since had a “just because Gibson guitars” moment
September 4, 2017

Here is one the most storied and loved guitars in the entire arsenal.
My 1969 ES 335. Tobacco Hand! Heard on RIDE LIKE HELL, SUGAR IN MY COFFEE from 500lbs, TOBACCO HAND from Hemi-vision, LET IT RIDE from Heated, also the solo on JUST CANT LEAVE YOU ALONE from Calling All The Youth. I traded some $ and a Squire Tele for it ( thanks Chris Miller !!!) circa 1990(?) It was once stolen off the stage of the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto and miraculously found and returned ( folks that honest just had to be from Newfoundland !) She has been used for recordings by Joel Plaskett and Warren Haynes. These guys both have killer guitars but T.H. has something special. All of the wear and tear was inflicted by me however. She now resides in TX and enjoys the occasional session or salsa gig.