2016 Wrap Up
November 25, 2016

What a great way to wrap up 2016! Thanks to all of you for the great set list ideas and for being SO supportive. It is a true joy for us to make music for you.
Here’s what we played ( excuse the set list short hand )
Freedom Train
Diggin a Hole
G-Hog / Elim / CATY
If I Had / Crazy Diamond ( leadbelly)
Natty Dread (trench)
Sugar in my Coffee
She Left Ashes ( fearless)
Roads Ahead
Opem (wonderful)
Little Bit A All Right /
Old School Track-
Where I Stand / (satta-dyin)
Gone For Good
Better Get Used To It (thank you)
Ram / Round&Stance
Lights (tide)Heart Refuse/
All Heck ( w Tom C )
Come Back Baby
Scene ( pony )